About ShoutHouse


 ShoutHouse is an ensemble of 14+ musicians and composers from hip-hop, classical, and jazz backgrounds. Originally formed when members of the afrobeat/hip-hop band "Yes Noyes" began collaborating with orchestral musicians, they aim to build understanding among communities through artistic expression. Over the past five years, the members of ShoutHouse have developed an interdisciplinary form of expression that includes the rhythms and poetry of hip-hop, the freedom of jazz, and the structures of classical music.  The group has recently been featured on WNYC's New Sounds, 44 Charlton with Julian Fleisher, and the I Care If You Listen Spring 2015 Mixtape. Frequent guest collaborators include Nuri Hazzard (MC), spiritchild (MC), Hannah Zazz (soprano), Mikaela Bennett (soprano), and many others. The group is led by artistic director and pianist Will Healy and conducted by composer/conductor Alex Burtzos.

Past attempts at fusing rap and contemporary classical music have often been kind of cringe-worthy; this one...accepts rap as a kind of literary language, and doesn’t attempt to use a chamber orchestra to recreate hip-hop beats. It’s got a kind of post-minimalist rhythm to it that works really well.
— John Schaefer, New Sounds (WNYC/NPR)
A group of musicians who vibrate [with] creativity, ambition, and moxie... In a culture where pop singers’ tongues dominate even our most mainstream news cycles, it’s refreshing to hear a sound determined to be both distinct and innovative. ShoutHouse’s music defies classification. It would be difficult to find another group like them.
— JackSmart Reviews
...these guys are just starting to get the attention that they deserve. Incomparable to anything existing, these young creatives are experimenting with a whole new form of expression within the realm of musical performance.
— The Culture Trip